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DesignVice is an interiors and lifestyle product design blog. We help designers of interior spaces connect with the most inspiring and intriguing product designs we can find. Admittedly modernist in style preference, the focus here is about innovation as much as aesthetics.

Interested in submitting a design or press release?

DesignVice is happy to support new designers as well as more established studios. DesignVice reserves the right to choose which design projects to publish. To be considered include the following;

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My Background DesignVice

I’m a long-time freelance arts and lifestyle writer with a background in interior design and communications. This enables me to craft your message in a way that’s accessible as well as engaging.

Long before writing professionally, I studied interior design in junior college and loved it. My interest in design manifested about the age of 10, tearing out photo spreads from design magazines and collecting them. Arranging and rearranging furniture and table tops in my parents’ home was a common practice for me (much to their bewilderment).

Interior design seemed a logical career choice. But after a couple of internships under my belt, I knew a standard design career wasn’t for me. Except, I still loved design.

So….I styled vignettes and still life arrangements and photographed them. That led to photo assignments for an alternative newspaper and later, working in publishing as a prepress editor. From there, I started writing lifestyle articles for magazines and newspapers.

I’m also an avid home cook. My interest in cooking began in my teenage years. Despite my Italian background, I learned how to cook watching Julia Child. I still relax by watching cooking shows.

The way some women love shoes, I love kitchen tools. I finally had to impose a rule that any gadget I buy must have more than one purpose, unless it’s for organizing my other gadgets. Organizing is another of my passions — I’ll just leave it at that.

These days I blog about beautifully designed things and create marketing content that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of the design buyer.

By the way, my name is Silvana — you can email me at designviceblog [at] gmail [dot] com