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The Art of the Desk

Some pieces of furniture simply bear more responsibility in a room than others. Depending on the space, it is left to certain key pieces to tell the story of a room. In the case of a work space, whether a home office or a corporate office, that piece of furniture is most often the desk.  Continue reading

Inspiring Interpretations: Color of the Year 2016

At the time of this writing, it’s been several weeks since Pantone’s announcement of Rose Quartz and Serenity as Color of the Year for 2016. What a surprise that was – choosing two colors instead of one. It’s a bold departure from the past, but it makes sense. In design, color trends typically end up in pairs, even though they don’t start out that way. Even monochromatic applications use multiple variations on the one color.  Continue reading

Roger Sterling's view from his modern office

Roger Sterling’s Mid-Mod Office

Roger Sterling's view from his modern office

Roger’s Office Window View

A Look Inside Roger Sterling’s Office

Some recent binge-watching of the Mad Men tv series inspired this post.  Another foray into Roger Sterling’s office, a study in mid-century modern period design. And why not? Set decorator Claudette Didul populated it with all the finest components of the time period: the Saarinen tulip tables and stools, a Nesso mushroom lamp, a Volther Corona chair, arc floor lamp, the Le Corbusier chaise, etc., etc. This room has it all. (Interior design students, N.B.)  And how about that fabulous, steel and glass bar cart?  Continue reading

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