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4 Paths to a Multi-functional Work Space

The need for a multi-functional work space is fast becoming the norm in the modern office space. As a result, the challenge of making offices conducive to collaborative, independent and free-address work styles is the new order in workspace design.

1. One approach is to create separate areas within the larger space. Often the cost, building codes and disruption involved make this option prohibitive.

Enclosure 4008 / Seeyond

Enclosure 4008 / Seeyond

Using freestanding, non-structural partial enclosures such as these, not only addresses those issues they can also be moved to accommodate future changes or relocation. Custom made from 100% recyclable lightweight thermoplastic resin, these by Seeyond require no tools to assemble they can be customized further with graphic light and sound options.

2. Despite all the hype around open plan concepts, a more pressing concern has emerged around the need for spaces in which to do focused work. In her bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, author Susan Cain suggests that 90% of workers say they need quiet, private spaces at work. Over 40% say they don’t have them.

Steelcase has taken the research seriously enough to have collaborated with the author to develop a collection of five fully integrated  work space designs that support specific postures, work styles, quiet and privacy.

3. Probably the most common way to render a work space more versatile is to reconfigure it into separate zones. Modular storage systems such as Territory by Inscape Solutions, is designed for those ever-changing work space needs. What’s new here is the easy mobility and maximum flexibility while keeping important documents and items close at hand.

Edison Electric Height-adjustable table

Edison Electric Height-adjustable table by

4. Finally this list would not be complete without mentioning the work surface height option. Simply adding or replacing stationary desks or tables with adjustable-height work surfaces may be all that’s needed. Aside from the reported health and psychological benefits of varying task heights, the truth is people come in all sizes and not all tasks are better executed sitting down. The Edison Electric Height-adjustable table lifts and lowers with the touch of a button. It accommodates one or two users at a time and comes with an array of customizable features.

There are many options for making the most out of an existing space. These are only four, but the choices have never been more plentiful than they are today. The returns on the investment will be well worth it.

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