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Nest x Yale Lock Touchpad

New smart lock offers real time access with app and passcodes

Nest, maker of the smart thermostat has partnered with Yale, the established lock brand to create the Nest x Yale Lock, the new smart lock that addresses household security issues with a smartphone app, passcodes and touchpad system.

As the responsibilities of modern life require more time spent away from home, the risks that brings increase as well. Multi-generational households are another common reality bringing along its own unique set of challenges.   

Smart Lock Technology

Nest x Yale Lock touchpad and deadbolt

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The Nest x Yale Lock has the ability to lock and unlock doors from anywhere with just a smartphone. This means small children or elderly adults can’t just wander off because all deadbolts lock automatically. The app can turn house lights on remotely before you even leave your office, so you can always be aware and feel confident on your property. 

If you’re concerned what happens in case of a power or cell tower outage, don’t be. In the event of either a power or Wi-Fi failure, your smartphone can override the outage and unlock the door. Should phones become unavailable, the lock can be opened using the touchscreen. 

Digital Trail

If there are teenagers in the home, it’s good to know who is coming or going. This smart lock can be programmed to send you a text message when a particular code is used or if a door is unlocked when it shouldn’t be. 

Some Specs

Next x Yale Lock touchpad mounted on door

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The touchpad on this lock runs on 4 AA batteries and stores up to 250 passcodes. Add or delete users easily, as needed. Installation is simple — in most cases, it can be installed with only a screwdriver.

To protect it from physical and digital breaches, the Nest x Yale Lock sports a rugged outer case and boasts strong encryption. The touchpad is available in three finishes: Polished Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel.

The Nest x Yale Lock is part of the ‘Works with Nest’ family of smart home devices. When used with the Nest Hello video doorbell, for example, it can unlock after confirming a visitor’s identity. The lock also integrates seamlessly with the Nest Secure alarm system.

The Nest x Yale lock is available for delivery this month. For more information visit: Nest x Yale Lock

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